E-cigarette: Is Steaming less dangerous than smoking?

Steaming with the e-cigarette, probably hurts less than smoking. It is still too early to classify it as harmless. This shows an analysis of previous studies by the Stiftung Warentest.

The steamer community is growing

Lisa has switched to the e-cigarette. You will taste better than tobacco smoke and she is also “very satisfied for the beginning”. It manifests itself in an Internet forum for E-cigarette – like many other users also do. They call themselves steamer. The church is growing. According to a survey of the German Cancer Research Center in 2014, one in five smokers try out the e-cigarette. Sales in Germany rose of 2010 to 2014, according to industry figures enormously: from 5 to more than 150 million euros per year.

Harmless Alternative?

The steaming thing has a lot of fans, but also enemies. Some praise electric cigarettes as harmless alternative to smoking, able to save millions of lives. The others warn of unknown health hazards and fear that clever advertising for e-cigarette are seduced. Who has the better arguments and facts, the proponents or critics? The Stiftung Warentest evaluated the studies.

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A lamp mimics the Kippenglut after

Electric cigarettes do not need a fire, but power. A heating element vaporizes liquid called with or without nicotine, liquid. Users can drag the mist through a mouthpiece. There are e-cigarettes in many embodiments, for example with an extra long battery life or additional technique that counts the inhaled trains. Some models recall coolies, asthma sprays, lipsticks, perfume bottles or regular cigarettes. Part sits at the end of a lamp that lights up when steaming and mimics the Kippenglut.

Cigarette companies have entered

A Chinese company brought the first electric cigarette launched in 2003. She received competition quickly. Today there are 466 brands and 7764 flavors, according to a study published in 2014 in the journal Tobacco Control. “Long since the cigarette corporations have entered the lucrative market,” says Martina P√∂tschke-Langer from the German Cancer Research Center. “Big Tobacco wants its slice of the cake abhaben” the female doctor and critic and recognized the E-cigarette.

A fruit hint pulls into the nose

It sells e-cigarettes on the Internet, increasingly in real shops on site. A shop in Berlin: Right at the opening of the door pulls a delicate fruit puff in the nose – traces of liquids, the customer may sample evaporation. A floor to ceiling shelving holds E-Cigarette boxes. On top enthroned unpacked sample copies.

Around 100 flavors to choose from

For Liquids around 100 flavors to choose from are: from apple over cappuccino, brandy, sweets and cheesecakes to Z such as lemon. The varieties are available with or without nicotine and costs in two variants 4.95 euros. “To a vial corresponding to about 60 cigarettes,” says the seller. “Because you can calculate what you will save.” The device outputs from about 50 euros were made up quickly. Some smokers switch for cost reasons for E-cigarette. In addition, dealers often emphasize, whether allowed everywhere – and healthier than normal fags.

Still missing long-term studies

According to current state of research steaming harm less than smoking. This is the conclusion the Stiftung Warentest comes to evaluating the studies. This does not mean that the e-cigarette is harmless. It can not be so easily close of the existing studies on all e-cigarettes, because so many devices and liquids are on the market. But above all, are no data on the long-term effects. Urgently needed are studies that run for several years – with many steamers and smokers and nonsmokers for comparison.

Nicotine is not the biggest problem

The dangers of tobacco came only with time to light. Lange was nicotine as the main problem. Today researchers know better. Professor Anil Batra, Chairman of the Scientific action circle smoking cessation, says: “Nicotine is addictive and probably promotes cardiovascular disease. But it is not the main harmful component of cigarettes. “Most are diseases and fatalities to the account of toxic and carcinogenic substances present in the smoke.”