Where is vaping allowed

The advantages of e- cigarette compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes are undoubtedly not be dismissed out of hand. But where everywhere is now steaming allowed? Is it possible to turn on and use for the electronic cigarette even in Non smoking – bars and cafes? What about public transport and taxis?

Of course , the rules vary from country to country , and even differ widely from state to state . In Austria , for example white nicotine-containing liquid is considered a drug and is therefore in pharmacies . In Germany , this is not the case. The German railway prohibits smoking of e-cigarettes on trains and train stations. Within provinces and cities , very large differences . The city of Cologne prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in restaurants , for example , whereas the use in restaurants, although not expressly permitted in Bavaria, but only “not forbidden”Also, in aircraft, no statement to the evaporators have been made. In addition to the airline Ryan Air, which expressly allow the use of the electric cigarette , the other airlines have to yet to comment.

Thus, it is theoretically allowed with the exception of Cologne in all restaurants and even restaurants. However, one should not forget that in principle the landlord has the house right in his restaurant, and can also ban vaping an electronic cigarette.

Due to the novelty of the e- cigarette , however, exist in most cities and countries have no laws that decide about the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. It is likely, however , that these introduced over time, or to be clarified. In principle, one should , however – even just courtesy – regardless whether it is asking his fellow man in a restaurant , a bus or taxi , whether the use of the e -cigarette is disturbing for them.